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Artists in Schools – A Victorian Government Initiative In 4th Term for 20 days all of the students and teacher Nina Perry worked with professional artist Zoe Amor on an exciting project called the 'Window to Your Imagination', involving drawing, design, sculpture, construction and exploring the dynamics of space, scale, position, line, form, shape and colour. The students all received good quality visual notebooks, pencils and fineliners as part of their 'toolbox of knowledge' to encourage them to record ideas, acquire understanding of a visual vocabulary, and collect images, forms, structures and ideas for future use.  With this visual literacy, the imagination is free to make the impossible real and the student gained a deep insight into what is needed to produce an artwork. Throughout the project, many students used various materials for the first time as part of the artistic process. These included: wood and balsa wood, wire, feathers, glue guns, plaster and modroc, clay, … Read More »

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