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Artist Statement Memorial to all that is Good in this World is my tribute to Nature – the landscape, plants, animals, minerals, and the forces of nature that arranges and adapts all of these elements for life on earth. In my work I arrange and present natural forms, such as the tree and the honey-bee, as an analogy for life itself. Imbued with mythic qualities, they generate narratives about life and death and the interplay between humanity and the natural world. Here, the tree is inscribed with the memories of those that once lived in a wild landscape abundant with flowers, bees and animals, each with their own unique relationship to one another. It is a commemoration derived from ancestral memory (kith and kin) both collective and individual, and from an imagined perspective regarding the power and influence of the natural world and the great sacrifices it has made for humanity. At the core of my work is a desire to better understand and remember the beneficial connections that … Read More »

First Sculptural Commission for Castlemaine Art Gallery & Historical Museum On May 4th the Castlemaine Art Gallery unveiled on the portico, the largest sculptural commission in the Gallery’s history. Cherry Tennant and the Gallery commissioned local sculptor Zoe Amor to create a work that would marry with the art deco façade and reflect the concept of life and death, in honour of Cherry’s late partner Frank Mau. The sculpture Dusk, set on a magnificent Harcourt granite base hand carved and polished by David Pratt & Sons, clearly respects the strong linear shapes and forms of the space it shares with the building. Zoe has drawn in three dimensions, sculpting and arranging a natural form with intriguing negative spaces and wonderful shadows. The work’s title reminds us of the clarity of the light at dusk – a time when all the lines, textures and details of our natural environment are brought into sharp focus by the clarity of light, heightening the drama of what we see. As Zoe … Read More »

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