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A vision of Rosellas soaring through the white branches of a ghost gum became a delicate maquette in bronze for the solo show Nature’s Riot at MARS 2007. This work then grew to symbolize my reverence for the energy and delight that birds bring to the natural world and a flock of galas, white and black cockatoos followed to soar across the walls. The emu I befriended growing up at Dunmoochin is there also, with textured feathers from imprints of gum leaves in wax.  The bronze wall pieces and freestanding works in Nature's Riot are a tribute to my childhood where the towering figure of a white and pink gum tree dominated the front paddock at Baxter and secret messages were left with stories whispered over the origins of such a tree, and who or what inhabited it. … Read More »

4 October – 6 November 2011 There are many life forms that we do not see, do not even know about - they are in the air, the water and the earth. Some are grand organisms supporting masses of life or others may be simple colonies - breathing, eating, sleeping, reproducing. Everywhere there is the quickening of new life, and the quiet stillness of death. These simple observations can lead one into the great mysteries and connections of life on planet Earth. Read more at Art Collector … Read More »

Cross-Pollination ~ from the Life on Earth series In this series of bronze & gold leaf works, the bee represents the ingenuity & beauty of forms that we have been observing & interacting with for thousands of years. Natural forms, such as flowers, trees or honey - bees, become analogies for life itself. Imbued with mythic qualities, they generate narratives about the interplay between humanity & the natural world to better understand the beneficial connections that exist between us & other life forms, in the hope that it will (re) generate a deeper appreciation & respect for the natural world. Cross-Pollination Exhibition In this exhibition, the bee is a testimony to the ingenuity, grace and inherently beautiful structures present in the natural world, structures we have been observing and interacting with for thousands of years. Natural forms, such as the tree or the honey - bee, become an analogy for life itself and imbued with mythic qualities, they … Read More »

Red Box Bush continues my study of Australian natives and highlights the dramatic abstractions that can occur naturally in the bush with filtered light, time and the elements upon it. The medium of bronze lends itself to the subject for the strength and grace inherent in these trees can be captured through the modulation and texturing of forms and the subtle patination techniques that make bronze sculpture so unique. The Red Box Bush is an edition of three and the last of a sculptural series dealing with the Red Box eucalypts.   … Read More »

Artist Statement Memorial to all that is Good in this World is my tribute to Nature – the landscape, plants, animals, minerals, and the forces of nature that arranges and adapts all of these elements for life on earth. In my work I arrange and present natural forms, such as the tree and the honey-bee, as an analogy for life itself. Imbued with mythic qualities, they generate narratives about life and death and the interplay between humanity and the natural world. Here, the tree is inscribed with the memories of those that once lived in a wild landscape abundant with flowers, bees and animals, each with their own unique relationship to one another. It is a commemoration derived from ancestral memory (kith and kin) both collective and individual, and from an imagined perspective regarding the power and influence of the natural world and the great sacrifices it has made for humanity. At the core of my work is a desire to better understand and remember the beneficial connections that … Read More »

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